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Our simple custom tailoring process.

Our custom process has been fine-tuned over the years to suit the needs of our clients. Below, you’ll see our four-step process to get you from start to finish on any piece we create for you. We will ensure we are accomplishing your style goals while managing your budget and timelines.


We’ll have an initial 15-30 minute video call to get the conversation started. Our team will spend some time getting to know you and specifically what you are looking for in a custom garment. Expect to discuss items such as:

  • The particular piece and any specific occasion you may need it for.
  • What you like and don’t like in terms of colors, patterns, or fabrics.
  • Timelines, budgets, location, etc.


Visitation is a crucial step in our custom process, and probably the most fun! We’ll coordinate a time for someone on our team to meet you at the location of your choice in your city/state. We’ll customize the garments with small but important details such as button colors, specialized linings, and contrast stitching. We’ll spend about 60 minutes taking approximately 30 measurements to ensure we have everything we need to create the perfect fit and look for you.


At this stage in the process, we’ve got everything we need from you to produce a high-quality custom garment. We’ll create each component separately and piece them together to create the final product, ensuring proper fit and comfort. Each garment is handled with care and created with close attention to detail. This step is the longest and takes approximately three to four weeks to complete.


We pride ourselves on getting the fit and functionality right the first time, meaning when we deliver a custom garment, we expect only minor alterations which ensures a speedy but efficient turnaround time. A member of our team will be present while you try on your garment to make sure it meets your expectations. This step should take about 15-30 minutes.

We’re not your average “suit shop”, we take the time to build a long-term relationship with you.  with how exquisite you’ll feel in our clothing. And we won’t stop until you are 100% satisfied. We’re driven by the notion that you have the confidence to put your trust in our hands to craft your image.

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