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Dec 30, 2022

Amin Standard

When people look back on summer 2020 they most likely won’t have a lot of fun memories of typical seasonal fun. Summer 2021 needs to make up for summer 2020, so we need to make sure that we make this one count. 

How do you go into the summer in style when you’ve spent the past year or so in sweats and t-shirts? If you want to look your best when you’re out and about this summer, there are a few things you need to know when you’re building your wardrobe.

Reminder: It’s Time for a Fitting 

Before we dive into fashion trends, this needs to be said.

It has been over a year since most of us had had to dress up for any special occasion. You may think that you know your size, but we highly recommend that every pays a visit to the tailor this summer before they go shopping. 

Plenty of people have gained or lost weight during quarantine and may need to adjust their size. Even if you’ve stayed the same weight during the past year, you should still take the time to get fit. Losing or gaining even a bit of muscle mass could drastically affect your clothing size. 

Colorful Suits

We all know that spring and summer are the most colorful seasons in the fashion world, but people are taking their colors to the next level this summer. 

After a year of quarantine people want to make sure that their clothes make a statement when they step out. Bright colors are one of the easiest ways to express your unique sense of style and make an impression when you enter a room.

Experiment with different shades of pastels if you want to play it safe. A classic beige sport coat with a baby blue or dusty pink button-up are always a good choice. However, don’t be afraid to add color to look with your coat and pants instead of just the shirt!

People that really want to make a statement should consider wearing bright colors. Try on that bright yellow suit or experiment with a bold red. The brighter the better in summer 2021!

Camp Collars

Most of your shirts probably come with a wing or button-down collar. Those are collars are classic and stylish choices that you can’t go wrong with, but you may want a collar with a little more breathing room and style this summer. 

Camp collars (also known as Cuban collars) expose just a bit more of the chest and can be the perfect collar for warm weather. Classic style icons from Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii to Walter in The Big Lebowski have rocked this shirt style. 

Relaxed Tailoring 

Were you never into the super-slim cuts of suits that have become more popular over the past few years? If you’re looking for a bit more breathing room when you need to look your best, you’re in luck! 

Relaxed tailoring is coming back in a big way for summer 2021. Breezy silhouettes have started to dominate the world of women’s fashion, and now it’s finally time for men to have a turn. 

Don’t think that getting more of a relaxed fit means that you have to say goodbye to bespoke menswear. When relaxed fit suits are done the wrong way they come off looking more baggy and shapeless than relaxed and stylish. Make sure you work with a great tailor that knows how to make a relaxed suit that truly fits your body. 


When most people think about suits the term “floral” usually doesn’t come to mind. However, it looks like the summer of 2021 is trying to change that.

Floral patterns have been popping up on the runway from designers like Tom Ford and Burberry. Men are finally getting in on the floral trend, and it’s a great way to really make your outfit stand out. 

Picking the right kind of floral is important if you don’t want to look like you’re wearing a Hawaiian shirt or grandma’s favorite curtains. We recommend going for a subdued pattern and pairing that with a neutral pant and jacket color to avoid going overboard with the trend. 

Suits For Every Occasion 

After a year in quarantine, it’s easy to forget what it was like to have plans for the weekend. As we go into the season and things start to open up, you’re going to find that your full social calendar requires a lot of different fashion choices. 

If you need to  revamp your closet and overall wardrobe, we recommend that you find suits that fit certain events:

The business trip suit: As soon as the airlines open up you know your boss is going to have you out and about. Make sure you’re ready with a finely tailored suit you can wear to a formal meeting or a stylish dinner. Going for a suit made with DRY material can also make sure you stay cool during tense meetings. 

The outdoor wedding suit: Outdoor weddings were popular before the pandemic, but plenty of couples are choosing to say “I do” outdoors to keep their guests safe. A breathable, lightweight suit is going to be a must for weddings during the hottest days of summer. 

The special night out suit: Remember being able to have date nights? When you take your partner out for the night make sure you do it in style. Don’t be afraid to go break out of your formal suit look and go for something a little more colorful fun when you’re out. 

Are you ready to greet the season in style? Book a consultation with us so we can get you ready for summer 2021.